Discover the latest diesel refrigeration units on the market


Nowadays, there are many truck refrigeration units available on the market.

Some have high-quality evaporators and condensers, but poor quality engines and compressors. Some have top-notch compressors but low-efficiency heat exchangers.

If you are tired of choosing between one weakness or another, then we have good news for you. The Super Snow Diesel Refrigeration Unit is finally here, offering the best components paired with a high-tech microprocessor control unit that optimises refrigeration systems to new levels.

Super Snow Diesel Refrigeration Units are specifically designed for reliability, low maintenance costs and high-efficiency. It’s the perfect solution for long-distance transportation of chilled & frozen goods.

Let’s take the cover off and have a look…


The primary component of any industrial-level refrigeration system is without any doubt the compressor. It does the most important work, it compresses the gas, and it must do it while it supports high operating temperatures, is exposed to thermal fatigue, continuous starts-stops and variable thermal demands.

That’s why the Super Snow Refrigeration Unit uses one of the best compressors on the market, the German-made Bock.

Bock Compressor


  • Uses environmental friendly HFC-R404A refrigerant.

  • Low maintenance, readily available spare parts.

  • Ultra heavy-duty construction.

  • High-efficiency design.

  • Available in different capacities depending on the Super Snow Refrigeration Unit model.


The Bock compressor relies on a stable rotational speed to perform at its best. That’s the reason behind using a well-known diesel engine brand as Perkins which are known for their reliability, efficiency and performance.

Perkins Engine


  • Ultra-durable 3 cylinder Perkins engines.

  • Long duration spin-on lube oil filter, easy to remove and maintain.

  • Built-in engine RPM sensor for clutch protection.


The evaporator’s performance is crucial to the refrigeration system. The evaporator is responsible for “cooling” the hot air passing through it. Super Snow Refrigeration Unit uses top quality evaporators designed to handle the corresponding thermal demand of each model.

  • Frontal evaporator unit allows easy access for routine maintenance.

  • Axial flow fans for improved air caudal, ranging from 2350 m³/h up to 2785 m³/h depending on Super Snow Refrigeration Unit model.

  • Heavy-duty and low maintenance fan motors.

  • Inner grooved 100% copper tube, enhances heat exchange efficiency thus speeds up the cooling process.


Similar to the evaporator, the condenser is basically a heat exchanger. However, unlike the evaporator, the condenser needs to cool the refrigerant as fast as possible to maintain a peak cooling efficiency.

  • Frontal condenser unit allows a faster cool down when the vehicle is moving.

  • The under mount has zero maintenance brush-less fans using aluminium blades to deliver higher air flow.

  • Inner grooved 100% copper tube, enhances heat exchange efficiency.


Using the best compressor, engine, evaporator and condenser is not enough. The real value of the Super Snow Refrigeration Unit is how it manages to cool down the cargo compartment faster than the competition, and even more, doing it evenly, with high reliability.

The secret for achieving the “perfect” refrigeration system relies on the control module.


The Super Snow Refrigeration Unit employs a high-tech microprocessor for its mission-critical functions:

  • An electronic temperature controller that accurately turns the unit on and off according to the temperature set in the in-cabin control panel.

  • The in-cabin control panel and remote display allow complete control over the compressor, fans and other parameters including operational overview routines.

  • The microprocessor is also responsible for compressor dual-mode operation. On standby mode, the Super Snow Refrigeration Unit compressor is driven by an externally powered 220V/380V 3ph/50Hz electric motor. Once on the road, the Super Snow Refrigeration Unit compressor uses the Perkins engine. The microprocessor automatically switches between standby and on-road mode, ensuring the cargo will be refrigerated at all times even during a power loss condition during standby mode.

  • Control system can be used in 12V or 24V trucks without the need of a separate inverter.

  • Automatic hot-gas heating system.

  • Automatic and manual hot gas defrost.

  • Control panel Emergency Shut-Down Switch.

  • Thermal-protection shut-off.

  • High/Low Gas Pressure Protection.


The Super Snow Refrigeration Unit uses a smart design, allowing easier installation. Its modular in-cabin controller grants total control over the unit for greater convenience. Add the high cooling capacity during standby mode, quick and easy installation, and low cost of maintenance due to its premium components and you will end up with the most affordable transport refrigeration unit to date.

Super Snow Refrigeration Unit, everything you were looking for in one product.

There is a Super Snow Refrigeration Unit for each application, from 25 cubic meters to 65 cubic meters box volumes, contact one of our representatives for more details.



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