ATR supply and install the highest quality Australian made chiller and freezer refrigeration systems to a range of commercial vehicles, utes and trucks.


Engineered for Optimal Performance in the Aussie Climate

ATR POLAR FREEZ units are designed to meet the refrigeration needs of light truck and ute operators in Australia. The Polar FREEZ series offers multiple options to suit your every need comprising two piece units designed for FRESH, FROZEN and DEEP FROZEN applications with the off engine drive compressor or electric stand-by operations 240 volt or 415 volts. Designed for performance, ATR Polar Plus Units can be run off the vehicle engine and can be integrated with existing air conditioning.



The PF-100 by ATR Polar FREEZ has proven it's quality in the the area of small truck & ute applications. Designed and engineered for high performance and superior cooling in Australia.


Designed specifically for Aussie conditions the PF-250 by ATR Polar FREEZ is the perfect solution for the Medium Truck range designed for fresh, frozen and deep frozen applications.


Powerful and Reliable, the PF-500 by ATR Polar FREEZ has proven it's performance in Large Truck freezer applications. Engineered for superior reliability.

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How to best maximise the performance & efficiency of your ATR Polar FREEZ Refrigeration Unit


  • The refrigeration system must be used whenever any fresh or frozen product is carried in the vehicle.
  • Off Engine Drive units will only operate when the vehicle engine is running whenever possible.
  • E.S.B units must be turned off before starting the vehicle’s engine.
  • Remember to check the temperature setting each time you use the unit to ensure you are operating at the correct temperature for the appropriate product you are carrying.
  • Do not leave the unit switched on with only the vehicle’s ignition on (ie; engine not running).


  • With the engine running, turn on the black on/off switch. After a few seconds the display will show the ACTUAL temperature that the cabin is currently at.
  • To display the current temperature setting, push and hold the SET TEMP button, showing the desired temperature. To leave at this setting release the button and no changes are made.
  • To change the temperature setting, push and hold the SET TEMP button and at the same time push either the INC TEMP or DEC TEMP until the desired temperature is reached.
  • Once the temperature is set the control box will automatically hold it.


Normally this is an automatic function, however at times it may be necessary to manually defrost the unit. If you notice build up of frost and ice on the inside evaporator, then press and hold both bottom buttons together, this will activate an automatic defrost. After defrost, the unit will automatically resume normal operation.

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