We Specialise in the Installation of Refrigerated Truck Bodies

For Refrigerated Truck and Ute installations and ongoing servicing and maintenance, our experienced team of technicians prides itself on outstanding service and advice. We offer professional solutions on tailoring the truck body best suited to meet your individual requirements.


A Brand You Can Rely On

As Refrigeration Vehicle experts we are proud to offer the ATR POLAR PLUS Refrigerated Bodies range. Designed by us, installed by us and serviced by us.


The Smart Solution for Transporting Perishable Cargo.



Thermally-efficient, customisable, and built to stand up to the rigorous demands of multi-stop refrigerated delivery, our range of Polar Plus Refrigerated Truck Bodies protect fresh produce and maximise operating efficiencies. 

ATR offer a range of Polar Plus Refrigerated Transport Bodies, all fully customisable to suit your Fresh and Frozen Produce Transport needs. Ranging from small Ute Bodies to Multi Pallet and Large Trailer Bodies, Polar Plus Refrigerated Bodies are all high quality, light weight, thermally efficient and designed to keep produce fresh during multi-stop transport deliveries at fresh, frozen and deep frozen temperatures. 


Refrigerated Body Range

UTE Refrigerated Bodies

2 PALLET Refrigerated Bodies

3 PALLET Refrigerated Bodies

6 PALLET Refrigerated Bodies

8 PALLET Refrigerated Bodies

TRAILER Refrigerated Bodies





Customised Truck Bodies Designed for Performance

Custom Design your Refrigerated Body


ATR offers a wide range of customisable interior and exterior features to further enhance your Polar Plus Refrigerated Truck, Ute or Trailer Body, whilst maintaining excellent structural integrity and thermal efficiency. 

  • Interior Shelving and Racking
  • Stainless Steel Door Locks, Hinges & Portals
  • Side Wall Protection Plates
  • Polar Tail Lift System
  • Interior Lighting - LED and recessed
  • Off engine or diesel powered units for trucks
  • Side and rear door curtains
  • Load locking rails (with shoring bars)
  • Reversing cameras and reversing buzzers
  • Chiller / Freezer (+4ºC to -20ºC)
  • Electric Standby (ESB) - single phase 240V or 3-phase 415V
  • Checker-plate flooring


Polar Plus bodies are lightweight, energy-efficient insulated truck bodies using advanced XPS composites technology. The composite bodies are manufactured using a laminating process that bonds insulated foam to the exterior and interior FRP. The finished product is light weight with excellent mechanical properties, offering superior stability and road performance; translating to low maintenance costs and greatly reduced repair times. 

Facts about ATR fitted Refrigeration Systems

  • ATR fitted Refrigeration systems are designed specifically for your make and model of vehicle.
  • The size of all components is carefully calculated to give maximum cooling output without adversely affecting the vehicle’s fuel consumption for performance.
  • To maintain the system in good working order and to minimise the loss of refrigerant, the refrigeration unit should be operated for a minimum of five minutes each week regardless of the season. This will assist in preventing the compressor seal from drying out; a condition which can cause loss of refrigerant and possible damage to the compressor.
  • The industry Code of Practice is observed by ATR. As well as maintaining the necessary equipment and accredited personnel, ATR are constantly upgrading service procedures.